Rob Tenerowicz

Services & Rates

1:1 Personal Fitness Training

55 minutes: $50.00 - 60.00

I will provide an initial evaluation (free of charge) where we will discuss your health and fitness goals, your health and fitness history, the time you have available each week for training (whether training with me or on your own), and my training philosophy.  If we both agree to proceed, my pricing will be based on the number of sessions to which you are willing to commit.  For 1-10 sessions, the price will be $60 for each 55-minute session.  For 11+ sessions, the price will be $50 for each 55-minute session.  Once we have agreement to proceed, I will design an exercise program tailored for you.

Each 55 minute training session will include 1:1 coaching and training from me.  Although I am not a licensed nutritionist, we will also discuss general dietary plans to help you meet your goals.

As an alternative, if you would like to train with a partner (identified by you), I can also provide you and your partner the same level of coaching and training at a reduced rate per person per 55-minute session ($40 per person for 1-10 sessions; $35 per session for 11+ sessions).  

Group Circuit Training (at least 4 people required, can accommodate up to 6)

55 minutes: $20/each person

Get ready for an energy-filled training session that will include strength and cardiovascular training.  I will incorporate each of the main muscle groups into the circuit and modify over time as I get to know each person's strengths and weaknesses.